Wintour Intelligent Learning Cloud Platform

The Wintour Intelligent Learning Cloud Service Platform is a comprehensive cloud platform integrating multiple courses, specifically designed to meet the digital teaching needs of tourism management majors. It offers several significant advantages. First, the platform integrates multiple courses, providing a rich training curriculum system that covers various digital teaching needs, helping teachers and students achieve multidisciplinary teaching and learning on a single platform. Second, the platform connects with multiple training software, supporting various professional skills training, allowing students to perform practical operations in a virtual environment and enhance their practical abilities. Additionally, the platform consolidates virtual simulation training resources and platforms based on professional environments and work processes, enabling teachers to conduct innovative digital training teaching research and practice, providing students with a realistic professional simulation experience. Furthermore, the platform facilitates teacher-student interaction, remote collaboration, comprehensive assistance, and intelligent evaluation, supporting interaction and collaboration between teachers and students anytime, anywhere, thereby improving teaching effectiveness. The Wintour Cloud Service Platform also deepens the integration and innovation of online and offline education, offering flexible teaching modes that make the educational process more diverse and efficient, meeting the needs of different learners. The platform creates conditions for improving outcome evaluation, strengthening process evaluation, and exploring value-added evaluation, promoting student learning data tracking and comprehensive quality evaluation based on the learning process, thus enhancing teaching quality. Additionally, the platform advances the integration of teaching, learning, management, evaluation, and research in schools, providing comprehensive support and services to help schools achieve digital transformation and enhance overall educational standards. Through these advantages, the Wintour Intelligent Learning Cloud Service Platform significantly enhances the teaching quality and learning outcomes of tourism management courses, providing strong support for the digital transformation of tourism education.

Service Targets

  • Meet the Digital Upgrade Requirements of Multiple Courses: By integrating with various training software, the platform caters to the digital upgrade requirements of multiple courses.
  • Enhance Practical Skills: Support a wide range of professional skills training, enabling students to practice in a virtual environment and improve their practical abilities.
  • Facilitate Digital Training Research and Practice: Enable teachers to conduct research and practice in digital training and teaching more effectively.
  • Promote Anytime, Anywhere Interaction: Enable seamless interaction and collaboration between teachers and students at any time and from any location, enhancing teaching effectiveness.
  • Diversify and Improve Efficiency: Make the educational process more diverse and efficient through the use of technology and digital resources.
  • Innovate Evaluation Systems: Introduce new and innovative ways to assess student learning and progress, going beyond traditional methods.
  • Integrate Teaching, Learning, Management, Assessment, and Research: Promote the integration of teaching, learning, management, assessment, and research within educational institutions.
  • Drive Educational Digital Transformation: Ultimately, the platform aims to improve teaching quality and learning outcomes, providing strong support for the digital transformation of education.

Service Content

  • Practical Training Task Design and Implementation: Provide practical training task design and classroom implementation for multiple courses in tourism management, hotel management, catering management, and other tourism-related majors.
  • Digital Teaching Resource Library: Offer teaching resources such as PPTs, short videos, question banks, and experimental training manuals. Teachers can personalize and adjust the provided standardized teaching resources online.
  • Cloud-Based Remote Teaching Support: Provide remote teaching support based on the cloud service platform.
  • Research on Digital Skill Enhancement Teaching Reform: Conduct research on the reform of digital skill enhancement teaching based on students' use of the intelligent learning platform.
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