Practical Training Lab Operations

Many higher education institutions offering tourism management programs experience varying levels of utilization in their training labs. This is primarily due to the disconnect between the lab's software and hardware and the curriculum and teaching methods. Course designs often lack practicality and relevance, and instructors and service providers fail to design practical training tasks from the perspective of practical teaching and in line with industry demands. Additionally, the absence of effective course data monitoring and feedback mechanisms hinders the timely identification and resolution of issues during usage.

To address these problems, Wintour employs several measures to enhance the utilization and effectiveness of training labs. Firstly, Wintour equips the labs with cloud-based experimental spaces, allowing students to conduct personalized experiments and training anytime and anywhere according to their learning progress, greatly enhancing the flexibility and convenience of online experimental training. Secondly, Wintour provides experimental training task support for multiple core courses in tourism management and hotel management, realizing efficient sharing of experimental resources and enriching students' practical experience. Moreover, Wintour designs comprehensive, interdisciplinary experimental projects, incorporating real-world enterprise resources, enabling students to participate in authentic industry projects and gain valuable practical experience. Through digital systems, Wintour monitors the usage of laboratory courses, analyzes utilization data, and regularly collects feedback from teachers and students to continuously optimize the lab's operational effectiveness.

Service Targets

  • Enhance the utilization rate of experimental training labs.
  • Provide diverse practical courses and training tasks for the labs.
  • Achieve resource integration and collaboration through school-enterprise cooperation.

Service Content

  • Expand Online Experimental Training Space: Equip experimental training with cloud-based experimental spaces, allowing students to personalize their experimental training anytime and anywhere based on their learning progress.
  • Multi-Course Sharing of Experimental Resources: Provide experimental training task support for multiple core courses in tourism management and hotel management, realizing the sharing of experimental resources.
  • Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Experimental Projects: Provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary experimental project design and enterprise resource connections for tourism management students.
  • Usage Monitoring and Feedback: Monitor lab usage through digital systems, analyze utilization data, and collect feedback from teachers and students through surveys for optimization purposes.
  • Promotion and Publicity: Utilize Wintour's social network resources to widely publicize the lab's operational achievements.
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