International Cooperation

Service Overview: Top-tier vocational colleges in China are expanding their reach overseas, exporting Chinese vocational education standards. As more Chinese hotel and tourism enterprises expand abroad, collaborating with local vocational schools to cultivate application-oriented technical and skilled talents that meet the requirements of Chinese-funded hotel and tourism enterprises has become a new trend in the development of Chinese tourism management vocational education. As a Chinese technology-based education company with an international vision, Wintour has been exploring ways to introduce high-quality digital marketing and operations courses to overseas markets, assisting Chinese tourism colleges in establishing overseas campuses. To this end, Wintour has partnered with the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop an English-language social media marketing practice course, achieving remarkable results in undergraduate teaching at the university. Furthermore, Wintour actively participates in the activities of the Asia Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ApacCHRIE), striving to become a bridge for the international development of tourism management majors in Chinese vocational colleges.

Service Targets

Serve international capacity cooperation, promote the expansion of vocational schools offering tourism management majors overseas, and jointly create internationally influential professional standards, curriculum standards, and teaching resources.

Service Content

  • Provide an English version of the intelligent learning cloud platform.
  • Jointly develop English-language courses.
  • Facilitate cooperation between Chinese tourism colleges and ApacCHRIE, assisting Chinese institutions in participating in international organizations and their activities.
  • Promote cooperation and exchange between Chinese tourism colleges and universities in the Asia-Pacific region.
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