Tourism Digital Marketing Training Platform

The Wintour Tourism Digital Marketing Platform is composed of a digital marketing management system and a customer service mini-program developed using virtual simulation technology. The digital marketing management system supports online management of various tourism products, including group tours, individual travel, and attraction tickets, providing students with a comprehensive solution for designing and managing tourism products from concept to launch. Additionally, the platform includes features for marketing promotion and membership management, enabling students to practice strategies such as membership management, stored-value card marketing, and electronic coupon promotions, thus mastering key digital marketing strategies in the tourism industry. The mini-program platform, developed with virtual simulation technology, offers a simulated real-world digital marketing environment, greatly enhancing the learning experience. Students can complete various practical training tasks within this mini-program and use its features to review and assess their task outcomes. This immediate feedback mechanism allows students to receive real-time evaluations, encouraging them to adjust and optimize their marketing strategies based on the feedback, effectively improving the practicality and effectiveness of the training.

Core Functions

Product Management:

  • Product Release and Editing: Flexibly create, modify, and discontinue various tourism products such as group tours, individual travel, attraction tickets, and study travel routes. This feature supports students in accurately and easily updating travel product information through an intuitive interface.
  • Price and Inventory Management: Real-time updates of product prices, payment methods, and inventory sales status.

Order Management:

  • Order Creation and Processing: Supports online booking and payment through the WeChat mini-program, with automatic order generation. The system also provides comprehensive management functions such as order inquiry, modification, and cancellation, ensuring efficient and smooth order processing.

 Marketing Promotion:

  • Coupons and Promotional Activities: Design and implement various coupons and promotional activities to attract new customers and promote repeat purchases. The system allows flexible setting of promotional conditions and timings, ensuring the effectiveness and targeted nature of marketing activities.
  • Stored-Value Card Marketing: Set up and manage stored-value card marketing schemes, providing customers with prepaid options while increasing the company's advance receipts and optimizing cash flow.

Membership System:

  • Membership Levels and Benefits: Establish a multi-tier membership system, providing exclusive benefits and discounts to members of different levels to enhance customer loyalty and promote long-term consumption.

Application Principles

Travelers, whether they visit online travel agency platforms, the official websites of tour operators, WeChat service accounts, WeChat/Alipay mini-programs, or emerging social media platforms like Tiktok and Xiaohongshu to book various hotel products, rely on product search and booking. To effectively balance the risks associated with online distribution, tourism companies need to actively develop membership loyalty programs centered around member operations, encouraging guests to register online to obtain more discounts and benefits through direct sales channels. Additionally, to enhance the traffic and conversion rates of digital marketing, tourism companies must also conduct attractive promotional activities to draw in target customers.

In recent years, the "new retail" model has become widely popular in the hotel industry. This model integrates various internal and external products of tourism companies and pre-sells them in online stores, effectively meeting the entire lifecycle needs of customers and has become a key strategy in digital marketing for tourism. This system, by providing a one-stop shopping experience, not only effectively converts online interactions into actual sales but also creates greater revenue opportunities for businesses and attracts more target customers.

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