Wintour Scenario-Based Simulation Sandbox

The Wintour Scenario-Based Simulation Sandbox is an innovative digital teaching tool developed under the "serious game learning" concept. This sandbox is specifically designed to enhance students' deep understanding of specific industry operations and their problem-solving abilities. By simulating micro-task scenarios in business management and operations, the Wintour Sandbox allows students to discuss and decide on corporate issues in a gamified interface over two class hours, encouraging them to boldly question and reflect while applying course knowledge. On this sandbox, students need to transform theoretical knowledge into practical operations by addressing specific problems or typical work tasks in simulated scenarios through a "game level-clearing" approach to problem-solving and completing challenges. This learning method is not only engaging and challenging but also effectively enhances students' critical thinking and teamwork skills. The system evaluates and ranks students based on the effectiveness of their task completion, thus stimulating their enthusiasm and participation.

Core Functions

  1. Sandbox APP Application Software: The sandbox can operate on 10.4-inch to 11-inch Android tablets or large-sized Android all-in-one machines. When teachers launch the sand table learning tasks on the teacher management platform, students can scan a QR code on the student learning platform to get authorization, and then start the APP on the tablet or all-in-one machine to begin practical learning.
  2. Teacher Management Platform: The teacher management platform is used for managing sand table teaching resources, teaching plan management, and teaching process management. Teachers use this module to assign sand table teaching tasks, urge students to carry out pre-class learning and testing, monitor students' progress in sandbox learning, view students' grades, and support teachers in explaining the knowledge points after sandbox practice.

All sandbox levels and each task option are accompanied by detailed explanations of knowledge points, supporting text, video, audio, and images. Teachers only need to open the backend of the teacher's platform to not only see each group of students' learning conditions but also explain the pros and cons of decision-making for each practical training step based on the knowledge points provided by the platform.

Application Principles

The Wintour Scenario-Based Simulation Sandbox is an innovative digital teaching tool based on constructivist learning theory. Constructivist theory emphasizes that knowledge is not passively received but is actively constructed through interaction between learners and their environment, using their existing knowledge and experience. This learning theory significantly differs from traditional educational concepts, which often view learning as a one-way transfer of knowledge from teacher to student.

Key features of constructivist learning include:

  1. Learner-Centered: Emphasizes the active participation and decision-making of learners in the learning process, encouraging students not just to receive information but to actively explore and construct knowledge.
  2. .Knowledge Construction: Views learning as an active construction process, where learners process information and assign meaning based on personal experience, making knowledge acquisition a creative activity.
  3. Real-World Contexts: Learning is most effective when it occurs in meaningful, real-world contexts. Contextual learning helps students see the direct connection between what they learn and the real world, enhancing motivation and learning outcomes.
  4. Collaborative Learning: Constructivism advocates for collaborative learning, where through communication and collaboration with others, learners can understand problems from multiple perspectives and construct knowledge more deeply.
  5. Role of Teachers: In constructivism, teachers act as guides and facilitators, not merely knowledge transmitters. They design meaningful learning activities, helping students build knowledge and providing necessary support.

The Wintour Scenario-Based Simulation Sandbox simulates future job and workplace scenarios, allowing students to deepen their understanding and mastery of knowledge points by applying chapter knowledge to solve problems. This method not only enhances students' perceptions of future professional environments but also greatly increases their interest and enthusiasm for learning. In fields like tourism management, combining theoretical teaching with practical application is particularly important. Through situational simulation, students can better understand the connection between classroom knowledge and real-world tasks, sparking their passion for the industry and interest in career development.

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