Customer Relationship Management Platform

The Wintour Tourism and Hospitality Customer Relationship Management Platform (DOSSM-MarTech) is a user data-driven customer relationship management system, serving as an effective tool for precise customer service and personalized recommendations. It emphasizes deep interaction with customers at various touchpoints and leverages the acquisition and analysis of interaction data. By combining this data with marketing automation tools, DOSSM-MarTech facilitates personalized recommendations, helping enterprises achieve deep customer engagement and growth. DOSSM-MarTech can be integrated with the membership management module of the Wintour Digital Marketing Management Platform (DOSSM-Saletech), forming an experimental training platform that aligns with both the current state of customer relationship management in tourism enterprises and the future trends in customer relationship management.

Core Functions

Customer Data Platform: The Customer Data Platform collects, cleans, and integrates fragmented customer data from various touchpoints and systems. This enables a better understanding of customer profiles and needs, providing data support for enterprises to deliver personalized services and targeted marketing.

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation involves setting up marketing rules to display or recommend appropriate content to the right users at the right time using the right tools. This facilitates personalized content recommendations, service marketing, and targeted marketing.

Application Principles

With mobile internet and social media interactions permeating every aspect of people's lives, corporate marketing strategy planning has shifted from STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) to social community building and management. Customer relationship management has evolved from customer care and loyalty programs to collaborative interactions and engagement at all touchpoints.

The new marketing model, known as Marketing 4.0, focuses on making potential customers aware of the brand at possible touchpoints (Aware), attracting them to the brand (Appeal), persuading them (Ask), prompting immediate action (Action), and encouraging customers to advocate for the brand to more potential customers (Advocate).

Traditional digital marketing and customer relationship management in enterprises typically focus on activities at single touchpoints, lacking the comprehensive Marketing 4.0 model that spans the entire customer journey and all touchpoints. The core of Marketing 4.0 lies in deep interaction at user touchpoints and data-driven decision-making and optimization based on these interactions.

The DOSSM-MarTech Digital Operations Platform was developed based on this concept. It is not just a customer relationship management system but a platform for deep customer engagement and implementation in the Marketing 4.0 era. DOSSM-MarTech mainly consists of a Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation.

The Customer Data Platform records user interactions at touchpoints, tagging each interaction. As interactions increase, the growing number of tags forms a detailed user profile.

Marketing Automation is a tool for planning and automating marketing processes at touchpoints. It designs interaction schemes based on user behavior at touchpoints and delivers customized content at the right time, achieving personalized content recommendations, personalized service marketing, and targeted marketing.

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