Hotel Digital Marketing Training Platform

Wintour Hotel Digital Marketing Training Platform combines hotel digital marketing tasks with virtual simulation technology to create a comprehensive training environment. This platform includes digital marketing system, loyalty management system, and mini-programs and official website developed using virtual simulation technology. The digital marketing system integrates content management system, booking engine, and online store sales management system, providing essential functions for hotels to carry out digital marketing activities. The loyalty management system supports hotels in conducting direct online sales. To provide students with a complete practical experience and performance evaluation, the Wintour platform integrates virtual payment and virtual user interfaces (including WeChat official accounts, WeChat mini-programs, and the official website) into the training system. This innovation not only offers students hands-on opportunities but also enables them to master and apply key digital marketing skills in a safe, simulated environment.

Core Functions

  • Booking Engine: Key functionalities include setting rate plans, managing room rates, availability management, and reservation management. This booking engine allows for dynamic pricing strategies and real-time booking managemen.
  • Online Retail Sales Management System: Essential features include product category management, product content setup, promotional campaign settings, and electronic coupon management. This system enables hotels to engage in pre-sell business, selling a wider range of products and services, and promotes related products and services seamlessly integrated into the booking process, fulfilling customers' needs throughout their lifecycle.
  • Virtual Transactions: Online payment is a core function of digital marketing and indispensable for completing commercial transactions. Similarly, the ability to conduct transactions is crucial in a training and educational environment. The platform offers two methods of virtual payments, virtual stored-value cards and virtual WeChat payments, allowing students to fully simulate digital marketing transactions.
  • Membership Management: This module is the core business system for managing customer relationships in the hospitality industry. Core functionalities include management of membership levels, point settings, membership card management, and holistic marketing management. It enhances loyalty by providing customers with customized experiences, tailored discounts, and rewards, encouraging repeat business.
  • Holistic Marketing Management: The holistic marketing management system extends the hotel industry's traditional offline marketing models online, achieving a full-product, all-touchpoint marketing strategy. This system encourages staff to use various digital tools and platforms to promote hotel products and services anytime, anywhere. By integrating multiple channels such as social media, mobile applications, and official websites, holistic marketing management not only increases staff engagement but also expands the reach and impact of marketing efforts, ensuring each touchpoint offers a personalized and engaging experience for customers.

Application Principles

Travelers, whether visiting online travel agency platforms, official websites of travel and hotel companies, WeChat service accounts, WeChat/Alipay mini-programs, or new social media platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu to book various hotel products, cannot do without price search and booking. To effectively balance the risks associated with online distribution, hotels need to actively develop membership-centric loyalty programs, encouraging guests to register online to receive more benefits and privileges through direct sales channels. The hotel digital marketing platforms that provide these convenient services are primarily composed of three core systems: a booking system for reserving hotel rooms, a membership system for member services, and a content management system for managing content.

In recent years, the "new retail" model has become widely popular in the hotel industry. This model, by integrating various internal and external products of hotels and pre-selling them in electronic malls, effectively meets the entire lifecycle needs of customers and has become a key strategy in hotel digital marketing. The online mall operation system not only supports the sale of room packages, dining coupons, and leisure entertainment services but also incorporates digital promotion strategies such as flash sales and group buying to attract traffic and enhance the total merchandise transaction volume (GMV). By providing a one-stop shopping experience, this system not only effectively transforms consumers' online interactions into actual sales but also creates greater revenue opportunities for businesses and attracts more target customers.

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