Digital Restaurant Operations Course

As the hotel and catering industry leverages digital transformation to enhance its core competitiveness, the curriculum for catering operations management also needs to evolve. Firstly, the curriculum should integrate digital tools and technologies such as restaurant management systems (POS), customer relationship management systems (CRM), online reservation platforms, and data analysis tools. Secondly, it needs to emphasize data-driven decision-making, cultivating students' ability to utilize data analysis methods to identify and solve problems. Additionally, the curriculum should focus on emerging business models, covering topics like online food delivery platform operations, online marketing, and community operations to help students adapt to industry trends.

In response to these changes, Wintour offers practical teaching resources based on project-based learning methods. These resources cover various aspects of catering digital operations, including catering data analysis, catering membership system setup, online store operations, online restaurant decoration, and mini-programs for food delivery platforms. Through these resources, students will acquire practical skills in catering digital operations, laying a solid foundation for their future careers.


  • Keeping Up with Industry Trends: The course content closely integrates with the digital transformation trends in the restaurant industry, incorporating Restaurant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, restaurant marketing management systems, online booking platforms, data analytics tools, etc., enabling students to master cutting-edge skills.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Emphasis is placed on data analysis methods to cultivate students' ability to extract insights from multidimensional data and guide operational decisions.
  • Exploration of Emerging Business Models: Through hands-on software training, students learn about new models such as food delivery platform operations, online marketing, community management, etc., helping them adapt to industry development trends.
  • Project-Based Learning with Practice First: Through multiple practical tasks including restaurant data analysis, membership system setup, online store operations, store decoration, mini-program operations for food delivery platforms, students gain hands-on experience in mastering digital restaurant operations skills.

Technology And Tools

  • Wintour Smart Learning Platform
  • Wintour Catering Digital Marketing System
  • Wintour Tourism (Hotel) Big Data Application Platform


  • Blended Learning (based on Wintour Smart Learning Platform)
  • Project-Based Learning


  • Catering Data Analysis
  • Catering Membership System Setup
  • Online Catering Store Operations
  • Online Restaurant Decoration
  • Food Delivery Platform Mini-Program Operations

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