Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

In response to the challenges of fragmented marketing education, Wintour presents an innovative solution: the "Marketing in Hotel and Tourism Industry—Based on Digital Innovation" course. This integrated course seamlessly blends traditional and digital marketing, focusing on "Customer Value Creation and Management." Through a modular framework, the course covers theory, case studies, and practical training tasks from both disciplines, fostering a holistic understanding of modern marketing. The curriculum encompasses basic theories, strategy formulation, digital tool application, and real-case analyses, culminating in project-based learning where students apply knowledge in real-world scenarios. Wintour's digital learning platform further supports educators with a comprehensive suite of teaching resources, including textbooks, presentations, question banks, training software, and more, enabling innovation in both course content and teaching methods. This comprehensive approach not only bridges the gap between traditional and digital marketing but also equips students with the practical skills and integrated knowledge essential for success in the evolving tourism industry.


  • Integrated Traditional and Digital Marketing, Breaking Disciplinary Barriers: Organically combines classic theories of traditional marketing with cutting-edge digital marketing technologies, avoiding knowledge fragmentation and cultivating students' comprehensive marketing mindset.
  • Customer Value Creation as the Core, Closely Linked to Industry Practice: The course content revolves around customer value creation and management, closely integrated with the actual practices of the hospitality and tourism industry, fostering students' ability to solve real-world problems.
  • Modular Teaching, Combining Theory with Practice: The course adopts a modular design, with each module containing theoretical knowledge, case studies, and practical training tasks, helping students apply theoretical knowledge to practice.
  • Project-Oriented, Enhancing Practical Skills: Through a project-oriented teaching approach, students apply their knowledge in real projects, improving their practical skills and preparing them for future career development.

Technology And Tools

  • Wintour Smart Learning Platform
  • DOSSM-SalesTech Digital Marketing System
  • DOSSM-MarTech User Data Platform and Marketing Automation System
  • Wintour Scenario Simulation Sandbox
  • Wintour Tourism (Hotel) Big Data Application Platform


  • Blended Learning (based on Wintour Smart Learning Platform)
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Serious Game Learning (based on Wintour Scenario Simulation Sandbox)


  • Value Discovery - Using big data technology for market research
  • Value Identification - Application of cluster analysis in market segmentation
  • Value Creation - Design and setup of online tourism itinerary products
  • Value Communication - Application of marketing automation in integrated marketing communication for tourist destinations
  • Value Delivery - Page design and setup of online distribution channels


  • Hospitality and Tourism Marketing - Based on Digital - ISBN 978-7-111-75759-7 (CHINA MACHINE PRESS)

    Hospitality and Tourism Marketing - Based on Digital - ISBN 978-7-111-75759-7 (CHINA MACHINE PRESS)

    • Breaks boundaries and reshapes the framework: Integrates the essence of traditional marketing and digital marketing, constructing a new marketing framework centered on customer value.
    • Delves into theory, keeps pace with the forefront: Deeply analyzes classic theories, integrates cutting-edge digital marketing thinking, and gains insights into market changes.
    • Rich in cases, practice-oriented: Includes a large number of real cases from outstanding domestic enterprises, showcasing "customer value-oriented" practices in China.
    • Experimental tasks, learning by doing: Seven experimental tasks with marketing technology tools, deepening understanding through practice.

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