Hotel Supervision Management

Hotel supervisors, as the foundational management position in the tourism and hospitality industry, are an essential stepping stone for students majoring in tourism and hotel management to enter their field. For future managers, regardless of how society and the industry evolve, the principles of supervisory management remain timeless. Wintour's Hotel Supervision Management course aims to help students majoring in hotel management gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for supervisors in the digital age and their own career development through systematic learning.

Based on daily hotel work scenarios, the course addresses the actual pain points and difficulties in hotel supervision work. It combines career planning knowledge to elaborate on the basic theories and operational skills that hotel supervisors should master from three aspects: role recognition, job skill enhancement, and practical operations in major business departments. The course helps students grasp the fundamental theories of digital management from both cognitive and practical perspectives and apply these theories to real hotel work scenarios. Furthermore, the course incorporates the current development status of the hotel industry, adding content on innovative thinking and digital capabilities that hotel supervisors should possess, laying a solid foundation for students' development in the digital age of the hotel industry.


  • Aligned with the Digital Era: Equips students with an understanding of the evolving demands placed on hotel supervisors in the digital era, preparing them for industry trends.
  • Career Development Guidance: Integrates career planning knowledge, empowering students to chart their personal development paths.
  • Integration of Theory and Practice: Combines foundational theory with hands-on training in real-world hotel scenarios.
  • Scenario-Based Simulation: Immerses students in simulated work environments to experience hotel supervision firsthand and enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Emphasis on Innovation and Digital Skills: Cultivates innovative thinking and digital competencies essential for success in the modern hotel industry.

Technology And Tools

  • Wintour Smart Learning Platform
  • Wintour Scenario Simulation Sandbox


  • Blended Learning (based on Wintour Smart Learning Platform)
  • Project-Based Learning


  • Hotel Supervision Management -ISBN 9787568094290 (Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press)

    Hotel Supervision Management -ISBN 9787568094290 (Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press)

    • Highlighting Digital Competency as an Essential Skill for Supervisors: The textbook emphasizes the importance of digital skills in the modern hotel industry, equipping supervisors to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.
    • Integrating Supervisor Career Planning with Specific Content of Supervision Management: The textbook combines career planning with practical management content, explaining the necessity of supervision management from different perspectives, enhancing readers' understanding and enthusiasm for learning.
    • Utilizing Current Hotel Hot Topics and Real Cases as Analysis Materials: The textbook incorporates current industry trends and real-world case studies, providing readers with valuable insights and practical examples to analyze and learn from.

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