Course Content Design for Customer Relationship Management

In the digital age, digital transformation is essential for tourism businesses to gain a competitive edge. It goes beyond the mere application of new information technologies, requiring a customer-centric approach, leveraging user data to drive operational process restructuring, thereby revolutionizing customer relationship management (CRM) models. A modern CRM course that keeps pace with the times is a must for cultivating modern hotel management talent.

Wintour upholds the core concept of "user data-driven CRM" and has built a practical CRM teaching system. This system is based on the "user growth model" learning framework, utilizing a Loyalty Program System (LPS), Customer Data Platform (CDP), and marketing automation tools for practical training. Through Wintour's intelligent learning platform, teachers are provided with a complete resource library based on a blended learning model. This library includes textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, question banks, training software, practical training tasks, and manuals, helping teachers enhance classroom teaching quality and create top-notch CRM courses.


  • Up-to-date: Integrates classic and cutting-edge CRM knowledge systems, centering on user data-driven CRM and teaching around the customer growth model, enabling students to master CRM methods in the Marketing 4.0 era.
  • Flipped Classroom: Provides pre-class online preview resources and question banks to support students' independent learning. In class, teachers focus on practical teaching, achieving high levels of teacher-student and student-student interaction, enhancing learning outcomes.
  • Modular Combination: The course includes modular practical training tasks that can be flexibly combined based on learners, course hours, and teaching objectives to meet different teaching needs.
  • Challenge-Based Learning: Supports students in using real companies as practice objects, planning customer growth strategies, and building CRM platforms to enhance their practical capabilities.

Technology And Tools

  • Wintour Intelligent Learning Platform
  • DOSSM-SalesTech Digital Marketing System
  • DOSSM-MarTech Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation System
  • Wintour Scenario-Based Simulation Sandbox


  • How to help tourism companies develop customers through mobile internet
  • How to analyze customer behavior data and build user profiles
  • How to enhance customer interaction through social media and marketing automation technologies
  • How to improve customer conversion rates
  • How to build customer loyalty programs and membership service platforms
  • How to encourage customer referrals


  • Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality and Tourism: Based on Digital Operations -ISBN 9787111679189 (CHINA MACHINE PRESS)

    Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality and Tourism: Based on Digital Operations -ISBN 9787111679189 (CHINA MACHINE PRESS)

    • Innovative Content: Based on the Marketing 4.0 era's customer relationship management model for the hospitality and tourism industry, aligning with new technologies, knowledge, and processes.
    • Teaching Resources: PPT, demonstration lessons for practical teaching, and virtual teaching and research room for collaborative lesson preparation.
    • Integration of Theory and Practice: Includes the design of 22 practical training tasks.

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