Digital Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism Industry


  • Industry Experience Empowered: Curriculum is derived from Wintour's years of industry practice, ensuring course content is closely aligned with market demands.
  • Virtual Simulation Technology Enhanced: Utilizing virtual simulation technology to create authentic marketing environments, enhancing students' deep understanding and skill development in digital marketing scenarios and methods.
  • Integration of Theory and Practice: The course adopts a modular design with a progressive approach. Each module includes theoretical knowledge, case studies, and practical training tasks, helping students integrate theory and practice.
  • Project-Oriented, Enhancing Practical Skills: Through project-oriented teaching methods, students apply their knowledge in real projects, improving their practical skills and preparing for future career development.
  • Applicable to Multiple Levels and Majors: Covering undergraduate and vocational education across various majors, meeting the diverse teaching needs of different institutions.

Technology And Tools

  • Wintour Smart Learning Platform
  • DOSSM-SalesTech Digital Marketing System
  • DOSSM-MarTech User Data Platform and Marketing Automation System
  • Wintour Scenario Simulation Sandbox


  • Blended Learning (based on Wintour Smart Learning Platform)
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Serious Game Learning (based on Wintour Scenario Simulation Sandbox)


  • Framework and process planning for digital marketing in the hotel and tourism industry
  • Product analysis and communication strategies for the hotel and tourism industry
  • Analysis and communication strategies for segmented market users
  • Mobile internet-based digital marketing methods
  • Social media marketing methods
  • Application of mainstream digital marketing technologies
  • Understanding ethical and legal norms in digital marketing
  • Planning and building digital marketing platforms for hotel and tourism enterprises


  • Digital Marketing in the Hotel and Tourism Industry -ISBN 9787040585391 (HIGHER EDUCATION PRESS)

    Digital Marketing in the Hotel and Tourism Industry -ISBN 9787040585391 (HIGHER EDUCATION PRESS)

    • The first digital marketing textbook specifically designed for undergraduate tourism management programs.
    • Theory and Practice Combined: The textbook provides an in-depth explanation of the theoretical foundation of digital marketing and combines theory with practice through real-world case studies, helping students better understand and apply digital marketing strategies.
    • Innovation and Trends: Introduces current digital marketing trends and potential future developments, helping students understand and predict industry trends and cultivate forward-thinking.
    • Strategic Planning Ability: Teaches students how to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies, including goal setting, budget allocation, ROI forecasting, and performance monitoring.
    • Project-Based Learning: Designs practical projects and simulation exercises, allowing students to practice their marketing skills in a virtual simulation environment, such as creating and managing virtual hotel marketing campaigns.
    • Ethics and Compliance: Discusses legal and ethical issues in digital marketing, such as privacy, data protection, and advertising guidelines, ensuring students can comply with industry standards and legal regulations when implementing digital marketing activities.

  • Digital Marketing in Hotel Industry -ISBN 9787568086905 (Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press)

    Digital Marketing in Hotel Industry -ISBN 9787568086905 (Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press)

    1. The first digital marketing textbook specifically designed for vocational hotel management programs.
    2. Career-Oriented and Practical: The textbook focuses on practical applications, including current effective digital marketing tools and technologies in the hotel industry. The content directly aligns with industry needs.
    3. Modular Design: Divides the textbook content into several modules, each focusing on a specific topic, allowing teachers to flexibly arrange teaching content and progress.
    4. Rich Supporting Resources: Provides comprehensive teaching support for teachers, including teaching PPTs, question banks, case studies, and practical training projects.
    5. Strong Operability: The textbook designs targeted practical training projects based on the characteristics of hotel management majors, providing detailed operational guidance for practical training, allowing students to practice in a virtual simulation platform environment.

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