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As a national high-tech enterprise deeply involved in the research and application of digital technology within the industry and education sectors, Wintour is committed to empowering the digital transformation of tourism management programs in higher education institutions through digital solutions. We integrate industry practice, technology research and development, course development, textbook writing, laboratory construction, and teaching operations to provide comprehensive digital upgrade services for tourism management programs. In the context of the tourism industry's digital era, Wintour continuously transforms its years of accumulated experience in digital marketing and operations into the digital education resources required by higher education institutions. We have developed courses tightly integrated with information technology applications, including digital marketing, big data, data analysis, financial management, customer relationship management, digital operations, and supervisory management, effectively promoting the digital upgrade of tourism management programs. Wintour employs advanced digital teaching concepts and technologies, featuring digital case studies, micro-project teaching combined with modern information technology, and data analysis courses. By fully integrating digital technology into the entire teaching process, we have created a unique and efficient digital education model. This model not only enhances teachers' digital literacy but also significantly improves students' ability to solve real-world problems using digital technology. Notably, the "Wintour Cup" competition, co-organized by Wintour, has become a benchmark event in the field of digital tourism management for colleges and universities nationwide. This competition not only promotes the digital upgrade of tourism management programs but also fosters the deep integration of professional courses and practical teaching, showcasing Wintour's leadership and innovation in the industry. Wintour will continue to focus on providing digital transformation solutions for tourism management programs, continuously innovating and advancing tourism education. Our goal is to contribute to the cultivation of versatile talents in tourism management for the digital age. We believe that through sustained effort and innovation, Wintour will offer more high-quality resources and practical solutions for the digital transformation of higher education and the tourism industry.

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