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Social Proofing Driving to Last-Minute Booking

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We are talking about something called ‘social proofing’ which commentators claim could be particularly relevant for last-minute bookings via mobile. Here is why: If a mobile user is on the verge of booking a room, then it is potentially helpful to know that friends, or friends-of-friends or any other social group in their network, have had a previous positive experience of this particular offering.

Indeed some travel brands are working out how to capitalise on this. In early December, for example, Hot Hotels stated that it had become the first ‘last-minute hotel booking app’ to enable a social booking experience on its mobile app. Users can now login with their social network profile (Facebook or LinkedIn) to see which of their friends have been at the hotel or in the vicinity. The company has tied up with SeatID to offer social booking experience.

More details at http://www.eyefortravel.com/social-media-and-marketing/3-reasons-why-social-proofing-business