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Hyatt Hotels Launches New Website


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Hyatt Hotels Corp. has launched a new Hyatt.com website designed to enhance the guest experience.

"Hyatt.com plays a significant role in shaping many people's perception of Hyatt, so it was crucial to make that experience even more efficient, informative and visually engaging. We had the necessary functionality that allowed guests to do what they needed to do, but our research showed us that we could repurpose that information to allow consumers a more seamless experience," said Bill Bernahl, vice president, E-Commerce, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. "This redesign is one of the largest E-Commerce initiatives we have ever undertaken, and we believe that the result has transformed Hyatt.com into a best-in-class website that will truly enhance the digital experience for today's travelers."

According to a release, Hyatt asked more than 22,000 survey respondents questions about their overall Hyatt.com experience to determine what they liked best about the site and what they would change. As a result of that feedback, Hyatt built a new, more engaging and immersive hotel booking experience.

More Information at http://www.hotelnewsresource.com/article71063.html