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How to Implement Your Hotel’s Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Last time we talked about the huge growth in the use of mobile devices by travel shoppers. We discussed the benefits of using a mobile optimized website versus a mobile compatible site, where the pages are the same as a full size website and simply minimized. 

It is no surprise that shoppers will skip over mobile websites that are not optimized, when they have to scroll and swipe through long paragraphs of copy, wait for the visuals that load slowly, and experience difficulty clicking the tiny links to booking engines and social media sites.

It is time to ramp up your mobile marketing strategies

To maintain your market share of the nearly 47% of people who begin their travel planning on a smartphone, your job is to make sure that they easily find all the information they need on your mobile website so that they do not leave.

As you are designing your optimized website, you should base the tabs on the research that shoppers are completing before they make their travel decisions. Each of the following areas will have its own tab (or page), and the tabs are placed vertically on the smartphone mobile optimized website.

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