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Hotel Blogs: Are They Worth the Effort?

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These days, so many people look to the Internet for all of their shopping needs, including for travel.  Therefore, as a hotel manager or a hotel owner, the more exposure you have online, the better your chances are for landing new customers.  There are several ways of going about growing youronline presence,and blogging is one of them.

With well over half of travelers making their booking and itinerary decisions via web searches, you want your hotel’s website to have a huge presence on the Internet and it’s important that you have high rankings on search result pages.  By including a blog on your site, you’ll have the opportunity to always offer something new and fresh for visitors to see, and this makes search engines happy.

Having a blogs can also help you better manage your reputation, giving you a chance to show off your stuff, as well as giving your guests an area to voice their opinion (good or bad), with you being able to see those thoughts and respond immediately.  This interactive relationship will just help grow your reputation even more.

So, where do you start?

First, decide on your blog’s purpose.  Perhaps your grand plan includes an increase of site visitors, build loyalty amongst existing guests, or bring your hotel up in ranking within the industry.  Once you decide on your purpose, you can decide what type of blog you wish to publish for your hotel.

More information at http://www.hotelmanager.net/hotel-blogs-are-they-worth-the-effort.html