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3 Types of Potential Guests Hotel Website Should Cater to


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Every visit to your website is a potential staying guest. How can you make sure your website meets their needs and gets them to book with you at your hotel?

It's simple. Make sure you have all of the necessary elements in place that make staying with you an attractive and convenient experience.

To do this you must consider the state of mind each visitor is in when they are on your website.

State #1 – Just Browsing

This person has decided they need accommodation in your area, and have opened your site after doing a lot of online research.

At this point your site is one of many tabs that have been opened for further research. You are being compared to your direct competitors. How do you stand out?

These browsers may just be having a look at what's out there, so they're not ready to book anything in just yet.

Your rooms and facilities have to lure them in. to get them hooked, use high resolution photos and provide detailed information about each room, anticipating the questions they're going to ask before they even ask them.

Links they look for:

-         "Find out more"

-         "Frequently asked questions"

(Read more at: Littlehotelier.com)